Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic - Vadodara

chakrapani ayurveda clinic, vadodara

" Aayushah Vedah Ayurvedah " Ayurveda is a science of life. This system has been with us from times immemorial serving for the betterment of mankind. it has been the main stream Traditional medicine native to India. The main aim of Ayurved is perpetuation of health and elimination of disease. Though being an ancient science, the scope cannot be denied in the present scenario of life style disorders. The doctrines of Ayurved in spite of being thousands of years old still exhibit the same effectiveness in control of disease and their respite. Apart from administrations of proper medicines the dogma of Ayurved focuses on other principles equally important such as good eating habits, proper lifestyle, regular exercise and sound state of mind.

Chakrapani Ayurved Clinic and Panchakarma Centre

Chakrapani Ayurved Clinic and Panchakarma Centre, is located in Vadodara, better known as the Sanskarnagari.

The main motto of this centre is to extend aid to the people of the city, with the help of traditional and authentic Ayurvedic therapies. The centre is easily accessible as it is situated near the main high way.

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